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Birmingham: Back to the Forties           
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Alright, why the forties again? Well, it was certainly the most dangerous period in the city’s history, the most challenging but also, for some, the most exciting days of their lives. It was a decade made up of two halves - conflict and recovery - the war years showed us at our resilient best and the second half confirmed the idea that we could gather ourselves together and move on.

The book contains over 400 items and represents all the diverse aspects of life in Birmingham during that decade.
Ludgate Hill, with Great Charles
Street on the left, 1948.
Mrs Frost washes the clothes using a dolly tub, Woodbine Villa, Hay Mills, 1944.  Her daughter. Lillian, won second prize (10 shillings) in Redhill Road Schools' photographic competition with this picture. It's amazing that, with the shortage of film during the war years, they were able to hold such a competition!
Practise by members of the Women's Fire Guard,
Boxfoldia Ltd., Dale Road, Bournbrook 1942.
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